Thursday, August 27, 2009

things I have been doing to be less crazy

I veer between punch-the-wall anger, blissed-out dopeyness, and open weeping.   Thank you, hormones.  I remember this happening at the very end of my first pregnancy, but this time I suppose it's coming sooner because of all the extra twin-related hormones.  The solution for a normal person would probably be to exercise but I'm now supposed to be "resting as much as possible" so the babies don't accidentally get themselves born too soon.  There are so many things I could say about the silliness of telling the mother of a toddler to "rest" but I will leave that up to your imagination. 

So this is what I've been doing to achieve whatever mental stability I might be capable of at the moment:
  • Scott now takes Joseph out on Saturday mornings so I can clean the bathrooms.  There is something about a clean bathroom that I find very soothing, so this has been good from a mood-stability standpoint.  It also means that I could probably take a bath without catching anything.  If I can still fit in the tub, that is.
  • I let Joseph do pretty much whatever he wants as long as it won't hurt him.  Putting makeup on the dog?  Fine.  Distributing hundreds of baby wipes around the house?   Super.  Insisting on complete nudity at all times?  Great idea, wish I'd thought of it myself. 
  • We bought three new hampers so I can partially satisfy my laundry-sorting obsession (complete satisfaction would involve about six color-coded hampers and a label maker).  This is a huge improvement over the perpetually overflowing, unventilated, rusting, mildewy, bug-harboring Ikea trash bin. If only I could figure out a sorting strategy that involves no more than three piles (whites, colors, and delicates, maybe?).
    I've also been sewing a lot, but there's a limit to how often you can post about homemade cloth dipaers and little baby dresses.  


    Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

    This make me howl!

    So the lesson I learned from today's entry is that there is really no difference from you being pregnant with twins and me just beginning menopause. Hormones from hell. We both want to cry, hurt people or just smile like a dope and sing happy tunes.

    I contemplate killing people at various points of my day and find myself daydreaming about how to do this so I won't get caught.

    The big difference is you get these pink adorable crying, pooping, needing you every minute machines and I'm a dried up old bat.

    Shit, now I may have to kill myself.

    Tammie said...

    hang in there karen. how much longer do you have anyway?

    (im glad margaret/peg/peggy found her way over here. she's fun.)

    Anonymous said...

    There is no limit to posts about cute handmade baby things. :-) Glad to hear you are hanging in there!

    Kira said...

    I second gidgettm; craft or garden posts are my version of porn. Baby dresses, please.

    And I have a label maker- a schmancy model, with lots of extra tape, runs off power or batteries. Just sayin'. When I do laundry I need about 6 or 7 piles and three or four net bags for the delicates, not to mention the be-clothespinned drying wheels.

    Barefoot_Mommy said...

    I just had a baby two weeks ago so I can Soooo sympathize! I think I cleaned the bathrooms here nearly daily for the last month of the pregnancy and my four year old totally ran wild. Best of luck to you in keeping your sanity, and I hope you have a safe delivery! Twins! how exciting!

    Karen said...

    Thanks for the kind comments. More baby dress photos forthcoming.

    I'm due on Thanksgiving. Ten more weeks. At least now I know what menopause will be like. I don't know whether that's a good thing.

    Jenni said...

    I totally did the obsessive laundry sorting thing. I have a sorter that holds 4 bags, and had sarah make me new bags in four different colors canvas (easy to get Joey to help sort with me!) and then I have one hamper in the bathroom for towels, and one hanging on the back of our closet door for delicates/dry clean only. Yep... I did it. :) LOL.