Wednesday, February 3, 2010

fabric lust

The one on the left is one of the prints from My Folklore by Lecien. The one on the right is from Heather Ross's Far Far Away. Last month I was feeling sorry for myself so I treated myself to half a yard of each. I had been coveting them but 1) I didn't have a project in mind 2) they're not cheap, especially the Heather Ross and 3) the local fabric shops don't carry either one. I'm still not sure what I'll do. I'm thinking of putting some in embroidery hoops and hanging them on the wall like I'm always seeing all over the blogoverse; possibly I'll make a pillow for the couch. The rest can be napkins, because half a yard is a lot of fabric when all you're making is doo dads for the house. But curtains? You need a zillion yards. Which is why we still have crappy blinds.
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Jennifer Perez said...

Both are super cute. May i ask where you got them if they aren't sold at the local fabric stores?

Karen said...

I got it from Etsy seller Mountain of the Dragon. There were a few etsy shops that had either one or the other, but she had both.

Annie said...

The Heather Ross stuff happens to make very, very nice rabbit ears if you use heavy enough interfacing. Just saying.

Tammie said...

i love both of those fabrics.

and yeah, crappy blinds here too. ive made curtains for the smaller windows but nothing i need more than 3 yards for.