Monday, February 22, 2010

peter pan collar blouse remake

This used to be a long sleeved oxford style shirt (like this). I bought it in 2003 (!) to wear to work and I recently found it in the garage boxed up with other random crap.  It fits very well (which makes me wonder how the hell loose I used to wear my clothes) but I'm not crazy about that style of shirt so I decided to play mad scientist and figure out how to make it wearable.  I hacked off the sleeves and used the sleeve fabric to make a new collar.

I wish I had taken pictures of what I did because then I could have a tutorial, which would have been a first, but it turns out that Gertie has promised a peter pan collar tutorial later this week and she actually knows what she's doing.  But in case anybody's interested in my rinky dink method of making and attaching a peter pan collar, here's what I did:

I lowered the neckline (I eyeballed it). Then I lay the shirt flat and traced the new neckline onto a piece of paper. I drew a peter pan collar around this neckline tracing, and added seam allowances on the outside.  Voila!  A peter pan collar pattern piece.  I cut out two collar pieces:  for the upper collar I used the discarded sleeve fabric, and for the undercollar I used white broadcloth that was left over from some old forgotten project.  I sewed these two collar pieces together (right sides together) along the outside, clipped the curves, turned and pressed. 

To attach the collar to the shirt I sewed the edge of the pink (upper) part of collar to the inside of the shirt (right side of the collar facing the wrong side of the shirt); then flipped it to the outside. I then turned under the edge of the white undercollar 1/4" and topstitched it in place. None of the stitching is visible from the outside. 

Here you can see the topstitching on the undercollar:
And this is the inside of the shirt:
This is not the slickest way to attach a collar but it works for me.


Felicia said...

That's a great makeover :)

Tammie said...

i think its pretty cool too.

and i love the framed print on your wall.

Nishant said...

its very nice
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Nancey said...

I've wanted to make some of my old (or husband's shirts) wearable. Thanks for the instrux.