Monday, June 29, 2009

diaper making as therapy

What got me through the first 72 hours of twin-related shock was making about a zillion diapers.

Because if anything is capable of making you feel warm and welcoming about twins it's the sight of two tiny homemade baby diapers.  I've been comforted by the knowledge that if nothing else these babies will not be going around bare arsed.  They may not have car seats (how do you fit three car seats in a Volkswagen Golf?) or a place to sleep or a college education, but all clothing-related needs will be met.

Also, I figure that if I make a bunch of simple velcro-closing diapers for all the relevant bottoms in the house, then helpful grandparents, friends, and assorted others might find the courage to change a cloth diaper (instead of passive aggressively frowning upon my decision to cloth diaper, not that that's ever happened of course). 

This was a Bummies cover that suffered serious abuse in the laundry.  I cut out the torn parts and used the remnants to make a newborn pocket diaper.  This was my first effort at sewing with fold over elastic and I'm still working out the details.

This is one of SEVERAL fitted (i.e., not waterproof, it needs a cover) diapers I made for Joseph.

I think the little size tag is my favorite part.


Tammie said...

at least the bums will be covered. and yep, definitely time for a car trade up...maybe one of the groovy volkswagen buses?

Lisa said...

Hi, just found your website.. really cute diapers! I *heart* handmade cloth diapers!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love the diapers. I think for the next one (when ever it comes) I'll try my hand at sewing some. And yeah, I don't think it is possible for three carseats to fit in a Golf. Maybe time for a trade? :-)