Friday, June 19, 2009

it's not an abandoned lot

This godforsaken tangle of weeds is actually our vegetable garden.  Between all the weeding I didn't do during that nasty first trimester, and the fact that it pretty much rained nonstop for a month, the weeds have grown everywhere that didn't already have a plant on it.  Next season the key word is mulch.
Despite the weeds, we have a pretty impressive harvest of tomatoes and potatoes.  See those dead-looking plants in the background?  They're potato vines, which apparently die right before you dig up the taters.  I did not know that.  We also have quite a few squash, including some edible-looking butternut squash that's growing out of the compost pile.  It does not look like we're getting any peppers or watermelons, but I figure that the cherry tomatoes alone (which retail for approximately seven million dollars a pint for the organic stuff) alone have very nearly paid for the gardening supplies. 

And, of course, it feels very wholesome to have my little helper out in the garden, picking tomatoes and running amok in his summer uniform of t-shirt, diaper and dirty little feet.


Tammie said...

our garden looks a lot like yours. i finally got out there and cleaned it up last week but then it rained and now the weeds are out of control again. oh well.

we've gotten a million cherry tomatoes too. at this point im getting kind of tired of them. but i eat them because they are there.

ive never gotten a watermelon either. theyve started to grow then get mushy and die before they're big enough to pick. i dont know what to do about this...any ideas? im not the most skilled gardener. i basically just put stuff in the ground and hope for the best.

lisa ridgeon said...

I'm very impressed that you grow your own food. My garden is big enough for a veg patch and every year i think about it but i still haven't taken the plunge!