Monday, June 15, 2009

insanely tiny baby hoodie

While I was knitting this I kept needing to compare it to actual baby clothes to make sure my gauge wasn't off, because this is one tiny sweater.  I used about a skein and a half of yarn.  We have positive boatloads of newborn clothing, but one thing we never had for Joseph is a warm, cozy sweater; however, it gets much colder in Jacksonville than it does in Phoenix, so this little one will need some winter layers.

 perhaps it should close with buttons instead of a huge needle aimed at the jugular? 

This shade of green/gray/blue is something I'm kind of stuck on.  It shows up a lot in my house and life and I figure it's a decent unisex baby color. I used Lamb's Pride Superwash in Lichen, so theoretically this is machine washable and dryable, but I don't intend to put it to the test.

This pattern (which owes a lot to this) involves NO SEAMING which is good because if I wanted to sew, I would just go right ahead and sew instead of knit.  Also, I think seams might irritate newborn skin.  For the hood I just picked up stitches around the neckline, increased a lot, knit until it was about seven inches, and then grafted the top.  This was my first effort at grafting and it took me a while to get it to the point where I would not be humiliated by the baby wearing it in public.

close up of not-so-badly grafted hood
Next up (after I finish a sweater or two for myself) are more hoodies for Joseph and the new baby.  The degree to which they match will depend somewhat on the results of the sonogram we're having next week...


Tammie said...

its lovely. and tiny.

cant wait for the sonogram results. :)

Anonymous said...

That hoodie is adorable. I kept looking at the baby things I knit H while I was pregnant and comparing them to his 16 month old self. They seem so small, but I know that he did fit into them. Crazy. Have fun at the sonogram! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, such amazing work. I can't knit that well but I won't give up in hopes that one day I can make something as cool as that hoodie!

czar said...

my mind is blown away!
my heart is melting...

this is super adorable.

i want to make one for my niece, perfect newborn girls outerwear.