Monday, December 14, 2009

carrot cookies

Not much eating seems to happen at mealtime these days.  Joseph seemingly goes for days without eating anything other than a few spoonfuls of yogurt and half an almond. My husband is a grazer, so he snacks all day and then spends dinner avoiding vegetables. And while I've for the most part been able to eat dinner since Scott is always around to hold a baby, for the rest of the day I only eat things that can be grabbed with one hand and eaten standing up.

Since Scott and I have both been subsisting on snacks (and Joseph on magical toddler fairy dust) I figure I should just accept the fact and make some healthy goodies instead of eating a $5 box of Fig Newmans every day and then hating myself.  And while I try not to cater to Joseph's gastronomical whims, it can only be a good thing if there's something palatable and healthy at hand when the spirit moves him to eat.

These carrot cookies fit the bill:  they're yummy, but not so irresistible that they're going to disappear in an hour, and they include vegetables, whole grains, and protein while totally avoiding refined sugar and animal products.  I used this recipe, except that 1) I didn't have enough maple syrup so I made up the difference with some fruit-sweetened jam, and 2) I used canola oil instead of coconut oil.  And I threw in some raisins because why not?  Next time I need to grind the nuts super fine because my husband won't eat anything with visible nuts and will instead buy overpriced candy bars from the vending machine at work; also I should make the carrots tinier because Joseph systematically dissected each cookie to get "carrot out of there, mama". 


Tammie said...

ooh i may have to try these, they look delicious.
but yes, ill be making smaller carrot slices, grinding nuts, and leaving out raisins. my daughter wont eat anything that contains "stuff, nuts, seeds, or things."

Anonymous said...

H is also subsisting on magical toddler fairy dust or something. We have good eating days and then days where he eats only pretzel goldfish and fruit leather. How he continues to grow astounds me. :-) Thanks for the recipe!