Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the tree

 While Joseph may be the mellowest, sweetest two year old ever, the child does not understand limits, boundaries, or the concept of "don't touch that."  "No" means nothing to him unless it's coming out of his own mouth ("No pants, mama!  No pants, no pants, no pants!"). Therefore, our Christmas/holiday/solstice/yule/winter tree is 1) tethered to the wall, and 2) only decorated with ornaments he can play with.  I love when other parents tell me that their kids don't mess with their tree because they were told not to.  It makes me feel like I'm raising a jungle beast or a sociopath.  These are the same people who manage to have table lamps, which is something I can't even imagine at this point.  Fortunately, bed rest this fall gave me plenty of time to knit up some ornaments that can be played with, chewed on, "shared" with the babies and thrown at the windows.

I've already written about these lights. 

The popcorn and cranberry garland is also from the same knitpicks ornament kit, and it makes me happy whenever I walk past the tree.

You can see that there's an infestation of tiny elves.  The pattern calls them "korknisse" which I suppose means cork people, but Joseph calls them elf men so that's what they are.  This is possibly the best stash busting project ever; it uses hardly any yarn in any weight you want.  Some of the elves have face tattoos, which I think means they've killed someone, but I feel awkward asking. 

And some stuff I made last year.

I made the tree skirt (wool felt; the leaves are machine appliqued) when Joseph was a newborn, a fact that blows my mind and makes me think that having one baby must have been like a vacation compared to how thing's are now, even though I keep telling people that having twin babies isn't all that different from having one.  I must be delirious with fatigue.

Happy holidays, people!


Jennifer Perez said...

I <3 the Popcorn and cranberries...

I have a fence around our tree and invested in the cheapo shatterproof bulbs... no I don't have side lamps either... And I may also be raising a jungle beast and/or sociopath (but mine is 4). So at least we are in good company.

Kira said...

The sole aim of my silly jungle beast is to crash his toy cars, preferably in a manner that startles our cats. I'm amazed when I realize that we have glass and fragile things everywhere.

The knitted ornaments are freaking precious. Making felt ornaments was just one of the many things I managed to procrastinate all year long.

Tammie said...

i love all your ornaments and your tree looks gorgeous.

when my son was an infant, our pediatrician at the time had seven children of his own. i always remember him saying once he and his wife hardly ever bought anything for their house--no knick knacks, and furniture was limited and basic. he said it wasnt worth it because the kids destroyed everything. for some reason, whenever im upset about the state of my house, i think about that and feel a wee bit better.

Anonymous said...

Despite normally listening well, H takes all the ornaments he can reach off the tree daily. I have no idea why I keep putting them back up, but eh. He likes it. I love your popcorn garland. I looked at the pattern, but bobbles and I don't always get along.