Sunday, December 6, 2009

holiday pictures

This afternoon we had a Christmas miracle:  we managed to get everybody clean, awake, and reasonably content in the same room for about 90 seconds while we took a picture for the holiday card.
Sigh.  But consider the runner up, in which Joseph is sticking his behind in the camera and Violet is screaming. 

That makes the first one look like Annie Liebowitz took it.

Later on, Joseph drew wheels on the bottom of the Christmas tree:

He explained that the Christmas tree is now a crane.  Good for it.

If I haven't sung the praises of blackboard paint yet, let me do so right now:  it is the shit.  Go buy some.  We used it on a little corner of the living room and it keeps the child busy for longer than you'd think. 


Barefoot_Mommy said...

I love blackboard paint. And those pictures are adorable. You should send out the second one. OR you can be like me and print them out, address them and then forget to mail them and find them wedged in a shoebox in June!

Kira said...

I like that everyone seems to be wearing a sweater made by you. Our card photo was taken in the middle of the summer at the beach, just to remind everyone we know that they don't live in Florida. And it we didn't live in a rental, I'd be all over your blackboard paint idea.

Karen said...

barefoot mommy, I've totally done that with cards, especially thank you cards. I write them, cross it off the to do list, and that's the last I think of it.

Kira, yep, they're all wearing hand knits. 20 minutes of "no sweater, no sweater" from Joseph.