Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I haven't done this in a few years but I'm feeling ambitious, so here goes:

In 2010 I want to:
  • get out of the house more days than not (i.e., four days a week) even if it's just to garden or take a walk.  Between the babies, bed rest, a boiling hot summer and crippling morning sickness, 2009 was not a great year for leaving the house.  It was, however, a wonderful year for cultivating my nascent agoraphobia, which I really need to nip in the bud.
  • keep up the garden, at least to the extent that most of the stuff growing in it is not weeds
  • make a real article of clothing for myself (meaning something with a zipper or buttonholes).
  • continue avoiding unnecessary purchases.  Aside from about $350 on yarn and fabric and $100 on books and magazines, I don't think I spent much money on non-necessities in 2009--with the understanding that nice soap and new underwear are sometimes necessities.  Now I just need to get my husband on board.
  • make curtains. The blinds we have now are ugly, hard-to-clean strangulation hazards.  They need to go.
And I think that's enough.  Note that most of these items are thing that I enjoy doing (like gardening and sewing) but which I need to carve out time for.  I'm not even going to kid myself by resolving to do anything I don't enjoy.  But just for the record here's a partial list of things I really ought to do in 2010 but probably won't:  go to the dentist, exercise, finish all the craft projects I start, speak French with Joseph, do something about the 401K from my old job, write more thank you notes, eat ethically, blah blah blah. 


Tammie said...

i cant remember the last time i went to the dentist. i may have been a teenager. to make up for this, i brush my teeth a hundered times a day---an easy accomplishment since i never leave the house.

perhaps i should steal some of your resolutions.

Kira said...

I like your resolutions and am amazed that you can speak French. Speaking Spanish with Ravi is easier if we are watching TV in Spanish- get yourself some Caillou in French from Netflix :) Ravi will even correct Nishant: "EL mapa, daddy!"

That said, my resolutions are all weird and unobtainable, like "Make Ravi grow more," "cure asthma" and "clean out junk room."

Anonymous said...

i like your list. Wishing too that I would attempt clothing. Though, that one is a bit of a stretch for me. Happy 2010!