Tuesday, January 5, 2010

patchwork goodness

A coaster and a trivet:

I'm digging the scrappy look of this trivet and coaster (even though I think I must have been drinking when I put the binding on the trivet--what the hell?? Do I not have a ruler? Or eyes?). Both are foundation pieced, meaning I sewed the scraps directly to the batting, one scrap at a time. I also quilted as I went. This process is very fast and intuitive (read: no advance planning) which exactly what I'm in the mood for lately.
Once I finished making the patchwork square for the trivet, I backed it with a towel and bound it like a quilt. For the coaster, I sewed a square of linen to the patchwork top, right sides together, then turned and topstitched. It lives with these coasters and some new ones I made using the fabrics from the table runner.
I got the idea for foundation piecing directly to the batting and quilting as you go from this book.  It also has lots of lovely square patchwork, and a few bags that make my heart skip a beat or two but which I will never make because they don't hold seventeen diapers and god knows how many toy construction vehicles (and also because you don't need a bag if you never go out).


Not Hannah said...

These would be perfect, I think, for all of the little scrappies I have sitting in a bag waiting for inspiration. Kewl.

Kira said...

I was inspired by you yesterday and turned several of ravi's stained tshirts into quilted rags. Also I bent the needle in my machine and am now confronted by my first potential violation of the Compact, since how would I find used needles? Answer: I already have some unused ones from an estate sale. Thanks!