Tuesday, March 3, 2009


These are the first useful things I've made in a long time.  We were in desperate need of coasters since both my husband and I wander around the house with dripping mugs of tea. We had been using folded napkins and washcloths as makeshift coasters but the napkins aren't thick enough and leaving ratty washcloths around the house seems pretty low class. I had been holding off on making new coasters because I was having trouble committing to any specific design; I routinely scoured the interwebs in search of coaster inspiration, but I realized I had to just make the freaking coasters already.  It's just two squares of fabric with thin cotton batting sandwiched inside.  Super easy. 

Note how crappy this coaster looked before I quilted it.  The quilting will help them wash well (I seriously do not see myself ironing coasters) and it also gives them some body, which is nice for a coaster.   

I am very pleased with how the back side looks.  Linen is almost always the answer to any fabric dilemma I have.

I have now written and thought "coaster" so many times over the course of this post that I'm kind of giddy.

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