Friday, March 27, 2009

a sundress

This is the Trapeze Sundress from Weekend Sewing:

 I used fabric from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain.  I think it's called happy stripes.

Once again, the instructions were ridiculously easy to follow and this was a pleasure to sew.  The dress has two huge in-seam pockets, which it turns out are pretty simple to make.  I think the highlight of the dress is the topstitching on the stripes and bodice, which makes the whole affair look pretty polished.

I made it in the size small, which works out to be roughly an off the rack American size 6. This is way too big for me because my upper body is on the scrawny side (my lower body, not so much).  Here's what I did after the fact to make the dress more wearable for me:

  • I made a belt to wear under my bust, empire style.  I topstitched the belt so it would match the shoulder straps, and then I used buttons to fasten it, which I think is more grown up than a sash that ties.

Yes, this is a crappy picture but you can see what I did with the belt.
  • I inserted elastic into the back bodice in order to gather it.  This pulls a lot of the excess fabric to the back and makes the dress look more streamlined from the front, even when I don't wear the belt.
elastic gathering the back bodice

I have since altered the pattern to take about two inches off the bust measurements so I think the next version I make will fit a lot better.  I kind of wish I had used cheapo fabric for this first go-round, but I'm pleased enough with the results and I'll certainly wear it.


Tammie said...

its adorable..i love it. i like what you did to make it fit better. if/when i make it i may have to do the same as i have the small top problem as well.

i have the book sitting on my nightstand. right now it and i are in the "casual dating" stage of our relationship. i look at it nightly but haven't gotten the motivation/gumption to make something yet. soon though.

Katia said...

Very cute! I love the colors too!

liz said...

great idea! i'm so glad to see it made and worn. i've got mine cut out, but have yet to make it...