Wednesday, March 25, 2009

it turns out i really like to sleep

Until last week Joseph was waking up every two hours (EVERY TWO HOURS) to comfort nurse.  My husband was ready to leave us and start working on a deep sea trawler in order to get some rest, so instead of that we agreed to start night weaning.  And, after three nights and far less crying than I had anticipated, the kid now sleeps until about 6 am.  Which means I now sleep until about 6 am. And when I wake up, it is not to the dulcet tones of my husband cursing us all.

It turns out that eight hours of sleep makes you smart and beautiful.  I wake up cheerful (instead of ready to punch somebody in the face) and I don't have frightening circles under my eyes.  Even better, that fog of forgetfulness and mild dim-wittedness seems to have partially lifted (like, this morning it did not take all my mental powers to drive to Target).  I had thought it was motherhood that had made me old and stupid but maybe it was the crappy sleep situation.

I feel less guilty about this than I thought I would, mainly because Joseph also seems happier with a full night's sleep (but also because I now have fewer wrinkles).  I do not care that I have lost some natural parenting street cred.  I mean, in the grand scheme of things, the baby cried a bit for three nights.  I know for sure I've done worse to him.  Seriously.

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