Friday, March 6, 2009


We already had a lot of cloth napkins but I wanted to make more because 1) we always run out when we have my parents staying with us, and 2) some of them are white which is a very stupid color for napkins (at least in my house).  Also, napkins are fantastic for using up bits of fabric that you bought without any clear plans.  I have quite a bit of fabric that I've been "saving" which is crazy, since fabric that is being "saved" sits in a drawer, whereas fabric that is made into napkins gets to be looked at every day.

At some point I am going to write a tutorial for the world's best napkins, which might seem to be a seriously unnecessary tutorial but I'm kind of a obsessed with napkin perfection.  Making quality napkins is one of my two useless talents (the other is guessing the time).

This week has been quite the table linen extravaganza at my house. Now that I have functional placemats and coasters and an abundance of cloth napkins, I really ought to make some trivets and possibly a table runner, but they will probably have to wait while I resume making summer clothing for me and the boy.

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