Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a bag I like and could possibly make

I'm really coveting this diaper bag I saw over at ohdeedoh.  Not only would it make a very good diaper bag, I think it's pretty great looking as a bag in general.  I'm getting too old for the crappy bags I've been using.
At $395 I will never own this, but I wonder if I could make something like it.  It looks like it's just a canvas tote bag with side gussets (so it's a three dimensional rectangle), some leather exterior pockets, and a bunch of neat details like the key ring.  Inside there are more pockets and apparently something that can be removed for washing.  In my world, a bag is next to useless if the whole damn thing can't be washed, so I'm thinking I would not be able to use leather.
My previous efforts at bag making have been mixed successes.  This is the bag I use most often.  I like it, but the print I chose is not my favorite, and it faded in the wash.  Also, it's too floppy, probably because I didn't use sturdy enough fabric or use interfacing.  I need to get over my fear of interfacing if I want to make a decent bag, I suppose.
I definitely need to start sketching out a pattern.


Tammie said...

this is too scared of interfacing too! i've never bought it and i dont even like looking at it. it seems like this really scary step, so i never add it....then i regret it. of course.

Jenna said...

That bag is gorgeous. Way too expensive, but very pretty. I vaguely remember using interfacing once, but I always forget to buy it when I'm picking up fabric. I just hope for a miracle and then get disappointed when things don't hold there shape. There is a reason I don't sew much.