Monday, February 2, 2009

mei tai revisited

I think Joseph spent the first eight months of his life in a pouch sling--or actually a series of pouch slings, because one was always in the laundry/car/bag/etc.. I think a pouch sling was actually my first real sewing project (i.e., not napkins or an apron), necessitated by the fact that I could not stand carrying the baby while I waited for a poopy sling to make it through the laundry. I need free hands, people.

Even though Joseph and I are still reasonably happy using the pouch sling when occasion demands it (not often, although one lives in the diaper bag), a few months ago I made a mei tai and we've been trying to put it to good use ever since. We mainly use it around the house when he is feeling sick or sad and wants to be carried. He gets bored on my chest facing in, but I'm still not comfortable with him on my back--he feels too low. I'm sure I'm just doing it wrong and I need somebody to help me out in person, but in the meantime this is what we have decided on:

The internets say not to do this because it's supposedly bad for the baby's hips, but I think it's probably fine for half an hour at a time. Besides, I really don't think his legs are splayed any further than they would be if he were in a back carry and his legs were around my waist. But maybe I'm missing the point.

Also, this is what happens in my house if you try to use the camera's timer to take a picture of yourself:
At least one dog needs to smell the beeping thing. Oh, Freckles.

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