Thursday, February 19, 2009

these carrots cost four hundred dollars

delicious and huge, but not worth four hundred dollars

One thing that has definitely not helped with the grocery bill is the garden. I mean, it's lovely to sow the seed and grow the seed and all that, and Joseph likes to dig his little heart out, but we just put up a FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR fence in order to keep the dogs from digging up and peeing on the vegetables. I also just had a nervous breakdown this afternoon when I realized what I spent on seeds last month (fifty dollars).

So I have made an executive decision.  I do not make many of those around here;  my usual style is more along the lines of "super duper!"  and "but what do you want?"  But yesterday I decided that every freaking scrap of ground behind the FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR FENCE is going to be farm land, dammit.  This weekend we (Scott) are tearing out every last blade of godforsaken grass.  We are going to get our money's worth this summer. 

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