Monday, May 10, 2010


Linen bloomers and tiny baby feet. I'm reeling from the sweetness.

They stared out as the bloomer pattern from Weekend Sewing in the 6-12 months size, but I had to make them smaller in every dimension to fit my tiny girl, even with her puffy cloth diaper.

The blouse/smock/dress she's wearing is from last summer's sewing bonanza.

Here's what I have lined up for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge:
  • a few pairs of summer-weight clamdiggers for Joseph. My little man is strangely prim and modest (when he's not running around in the nude, that is); he's been refusing to wear shorts (also: must wear socks) so light weight calf length pants are our compromise.
  • a few dresses for Violet
  • more bloomers
  • some diapers, which really ought to count as clothing since they're all my kids wear for half the day
Poor baby Harry gets nothing new since we have boatloads of Joseph's old clothing and it's not like he cares one way or the other.


Tammie said...


and i love the baby legs. i just want to squeeze 'em.

Theresa said...

such a sweet pic! I love the little bloomers!!!

Andrea said...

Those bloomers are so cute. Love those little legs!

Andrea @