Saturday, May 22, 2010

file under dumb stuff people say to me

If you really want to piss off a mother of twins, suggest that she wear both babies at once. Explain that you saw it on the internet. Use a word like "ergonomic" to make it clear you're an expert. For extra added rage, recommend that she learn to nurse both babies at the same time while wearing them. Point out that if she could master these skills (as you undoubtedly would were you blessed with twins) twins would be no more challenging than a single baby.

This week the babies got their first teeth so tandem babywearing was the only way to keep the screaming at a minimum while leaving me with a free hand to help the toddler use the bathroom (which probably deserves a separate blog post, as well as several poems celebrating this triumph). To be fair, Harry was only moderately fussy, but Violet (who is moderately fussy on the best of days) was a terror. Job satisfaction has been at a low this week, you know?

Totally unrelated: so apparently most Americans pronounce "Harry" and "hairy" the same? Really? My mind is blown. They're different in my (northeastern) accent, as are Mary, marry, and merry. Do you all pronounce them the same? Can I just say how grateful I am that Harry's real name is Henry?


Theresa said...

That picture is *forgive me* sooo funny! Violet's face is priceless. And I pronounce those names differently.... especially Merry and Mary and Marry............ but let's face it, I live in the South so most of my neighbors would botch them all.

Tammie said...

i'd pronounce them differently, but im annoying and i like to pretend im british-which is why i occasionally throw a 'U' in a word it doesnt belong-like flavour, colour.

the twins are adorable. and frankly,when i see a mama of twins, i try not to say anthing at all. there is no advice i can give.

meg said...

people just need to know when to go stuff it. seriously. rock on with your bad baby wearing self.