Thursday, May 27, 2010

wrap dress (vogue 8379)

It's another wrap dress, this time in wearable-outside-the-house bamboo/cotton jersey instead of nightmarish blue polyester. I am so proud of myself for making an actual garment that isn't an elastic waist skirt or a potato sack tunic. It's comfortable, flattering, and nursing-friendly.  Since it's a wrap, it can be adjusted as I lose weight; since it's made of comfy jersey, it's about as cozy as a bathrobe.   There's the unfortunate fact that I tend to forget to readjust the neckline after feeding the babies, so I often have a boob or two semi-exposed, but that happens regardless of what I'm wearing.  I should probably make five more dresses just like this, but since it's a miracle I managed to finish this dress at all, I'll probably just wear this one multiple times a week. Yay.

For the record, I deviated from the pattern in a few ways:
1) I left off the sleeves
2) I bound the armholes and neckline using cross grain strips of fabric (instead of making facings)
3) I gathered the shoulders in little pleats to maximize the drapeyness of the bodice

Good grief I look pale in this picture. I think it's the lighting. Or anemia.


Tammie said...

its gorgeous! and this style looks really good on you.

Theresa said...

I thought it was a manikin until I clicked on the post. You look amazing! Nice dress too! I would totally wear one, but would have a stroke trying to make one.

Karen said...

Thanks, and this is actually a super easy pattern to make.

Nita said...

Found this on a google search for images of this dress. I am hoping my fabric store has the pattern in stock :) I really love the colour you chose. And what you did with the shoulders. Have you ever made it again?