Saturday, May 15, 2010

red dress with peter pan collar

I started out with a simple enough plan:  remaking an old skirt into a dress for the baby.  But the next thing I knew I was drafting collars and inserting pleats and what have you.  And three days later I had a dress.
I did the collar the same way I did last time except
1) I topstitched the finished collar to make it a bit sturdier and less likely to need a heavy ironing, and
2) I attached the collar to the front of the dress and then bound the neckline edges with bias tape.
I also topstitched the pleats for the same reason.
I haven't hemmed it yet because I'd like this to fit her for a while, so I need to figure out how to do a very deep hem without it looking bulky.  This probably means a blind hem.  Stupid missing blind hem foot.


Theresa said...

it's adorable!!

Nancey said...

This is gorgeous, by the way!

VickiT said...

You did an amazing job on that dress. It's just adorable.