Thursday, October 14, 2010

feeding the freezer

When I'm baking I almost always double the recipe and freeze half.  Most baked goods freeze wonderfully.  Muffins, quick bread, yeast bread, pie, pie crust, cake, cookies, cookie dough, biscuit and cobbler dough, crumble topping.  Everything.  I've even had some luck freezing muffin and quick bread batter.

Having a freezer filled with relatively wholesome pies, muffins, etc. really helps in the snack department.  And the breakfast department.  I bake with whole grains, minimal sugar and heaps of fruit, so I don't worry about the kids (or me) eating too much/too often/whatever.  When I taste "normal" pie or cake made with white flour and sugar I'm overwhelmed by the sweetness, reaffirming my belief that my carrot cake is a perfectly reasonable breakfast.
These apple cakes are from Rustic Fruit DessertsI had some mealy apples that needed to be either baked or put in the compost pile.  One went in the freezer, one went in our bellies.

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sarah@theunwrapping said...


i like to freeze what i bake too...and i wish i could boast a freezer full.....but i always eat it all up too quickly.....