Saturday, October 2, 2010

guilt induced crafting, part one

During the middle of the summer we were stuck at home a lot because 1) it was a million degrees out, 2) it seemed like at least one of the kids was always contagious with some gross upper respiratory thing and therefore not fit for human company, and 3) I was too sleep deprived to drive anywhere.  So we spent a good chunk of the summer inside, going crazy and making memories to share with future therapists.

In an effort to keep the two year old busy and make myself feel like a good mother, I tried to do some really simple sewing projects with him.  This bath mitt is from a pattern in the spring 2010 Stitch magazine, although I cut some serious corners.  I used an old towel and some fabric scraps.  I just eyeballed most of the pieces and did a quick raw edge applique instead of whatever the pattern instructions called for.  With a kid on my lap, this took me about 20 minutes.  

This was mostly a success: Joseph fed fabric through the machine, cut scraps with his scissors, and stopped emotionally terrorizing the babies for a few moments.  I made a dent in my weirdly large pile of old towels (seriously, I could people the world with bath mitt critters) and felt like I accomplished something.  Hooray for craft projects that work out.


Not Hannah said...

That is so frickin' cute. If I get hooked up with new towels this year for Christmas (yes, I have actually made a list), I'm totally making this.

Tammie said...

adorable, like all you create.