Thursday, October 7, 2010

a (reasonably) happy post

Conventional wisdom is that twins amuse one another (because we all know how siblings always get along and play together peacefully) but until recently they just smacked and bit one another and cried a lot.  When they were in the crib together it was like a baby cage match.  Not good.  But now they babble at one another and crawl around the house like a pair of baby hooligans, banging on things, tearing apart books and annoying the crap out of their older brother.  We're out of the there's always somebody crying so maybe I should just hide in the bathroom and think about how much I dislike my ovaries for making twins and then feel guilty and then cry and then feel incompetent etc etc etc stage and settled into normal, busy-but-manageable family life with two little kids and one not-so-little kid.

Of course, at night it's like having two newborns and a poltergeist, but let's not dwell on that.  Joseph now greets strangers with a cheerful "how did you sleep last night?"  Because we are sleep obsessed/deprived crazy people in this family.

More preschooler hilarity that must be documented for posterity:  yesterday at the grocery store Joseph saw a man wearing an absurd red turtleneck and promptly announced "oh my, you look fancy today, don't you."  I don't think I've ever loved another human being more than I did at that moment.  At some point we'll have to have a discussion about manners but that can wait.  


Aleta said...

"two newborns and a poltergeist" - I shouldn't have been drinking when I read this.. need to get a new keyboard now. THAT was great. And funny how Joseph greets strangers, Lol. How did the man with th ered turtleneck respond? Joseph's announcement was priceless!

Tammie said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha. i love this.

sarah@theunwrapping said...

ok, i love this post. feeling the sleep deprivation here too.