Friday, October 29, 2010


They turned one. We made it. The past year has been incredible and I am so very glad it's over. I'm deciding to just own how much I disliked the experience of having twin babies; I realize that their babyhood is precious/fleeting/etc, but there's no getting around how much it sucked at first (like, for the first ten months) and how miserable we all were. I really like the babies (and the universe) a lot more now that they're beyond the constant crying, constant holding phase. Now we are in the goofy slapstick almost-toddlerhood phase: so much better. They have excellent little personalities that get lovelier every day. Onwards and upwards, my ridiculous babies.


Theresa said...

yay!!! Happy birthday, lovely babies!

Tammie said...

yay! a year already? man. time flies when you aint the mama of twin babies.

i love you even more for admitting you hated having twin babies. i can only imagine how much work it was and its nice to hear someone speak the truth about the ugliness of it all once in a while.

Tammie said...

i just saw your oldest on the c. pellicer website. too cute! i was pretty sure it was him, but then the shirt he was wearing sealed the deal for me.

you and your man really do make lovely babes. you sure you dont want to have a few more. ;)

List Resister said...
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List Resister said...

Happy Birthday! Wow. A year! didn't throw anyone out a window!
Hugs to all!
Kelly Belanger Harris