Saturday, October 9, 2010

halloween help

I have no interest in halloween, not this year or any year.  My husband and oldest son do not feel the same way, unfortunately.  They both think inflatable pumpkin lawn decor is a great idea, and they both have been asking for months about Joseph's costume.  Joseph wants to dress up as an excavator or a front end loader, but either he doesn't quite grasp the concept of costumes or he is seriously misjudging my sewing abilities.
I suggested that he and the babies all wear their pointy hats (elf hats made from Bend the Rules Sewing; they take about two seconds to make and look awesome) and we can go as a family as gnomes. This suggestion was greeted with stony silence.

Anybody have any ideas for a quick costume that doesn't involve multiple trips to JoAnn's, fake fur, foam or engineering skills?  I'm pretty sure I'll just dress the babies as gnomes and call it a day, but Joseph needs something more exciting.


Tammie said...

lucys going as a ballerina fairy princess, mainly because we already have all that stuff. but im guessing joseph wouldnt go for that.

i love his truck obsession. i think its hilarious and cute.

sarah@theunwrapping said...

take him to the thrift shop!

and oh, that hat is too sweet.

saying hi from NaBloWriMo! :)

Kira said...

We've dressed Ravi as a pirate (mama's white shirt, belt, pants, bandana on head, silly mustache) and a train conductor (overalls, cap, bandana around neck) without having to leave our house. If you have or can make an orange vest and a yellow hat I'm sure that you could swing "excavator operator" with no trouble at all.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Any chance that comes as a pre-made costume?