Wednesday, July 15, 2009

blue dresses for the baby girl

This might be my favorite thing that I've made for the new babies so far:

And it's reversible (mainly because I wasn't sure how the center pleat concept would hold up in the wash):

The idea is that she will be able to wear blue dresses over the eleven million handed-down blue onesies emblazoned with trucks, footballs and other manly motifs, and yet still look like a girl, which seems to be important to some people.  I'm really trying not to buy anything for these babies. First of all, we don't have room to store any more clothing. We have enough onesies to outfit quadruplets and exactly four drawers to store them in, so nothing is getting added.  Except handmade goodness, of course.

This linty little number is just a plain navy blue corduroy jumper.  It's lined with the same light blue cotton I used for the other dress, mainly because lining seems to me the sanest way of finishing winter clothing.  It closes with a loop and button, as does the pale blue dress, because I am not messing around with zippers or buttonholes unless I absolutely must.

close up of lining & button loop

Both dresses are from patterns I drafted.  I seriously hope they actually fit.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet. I love the scallop lace on the bottom of the light blue dress.