Thursday, July 9, 2009

kimono rainbow

Well, it's a rainbow if you don't mind that it only includes about three colors.  I got on a roll making these and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.  I just cut them out assembly-line style and went to town.

The idea is that the girl child will be able to sleep in these.  The boy child already has Joseph's ridiculously gender-specific hand-me-downs, so I'm limiting my craftiness to the girl, hence all the pink and flowers.

I used 1/4 inch double fold bias tape because it's so tiny it seemed to be on the right scale for newborn clothing. 

inspiring close up of teeny tiny bias tape

It was in the midst of making these that I had the aforementioned bias tape epiphany/accident.  Attaching seven miles of bias tape will do that to you.  Both the fabric and the bias tape are essentially bits and oddments of fabric I had lying about because these kimonos take so little to make.  I think all the random fat quarters in my stash desperately wish to become bias tape, and I'm here to help them fulfill that goal.

Next time on Karen Hearts Bias Tape, some dresses.

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Tammie said...

those teeny tiny kimonos are so cute.

i cant wait for the next segment of Karen Hearts Bias Tape.