Tuesday, July 7, 2009

pajama top for the girl child

This is from the Lucy's Kimono pattern in Weekend Sewing.  
What I liked about this pattern:
  • It's sized for babies 0-3 months and therefore uses essentially no fabric. The pattern calls for half a yard but I doubt that much is really needed.
  • The kimono style is especially useful for little babies because you don't have to tug anything over the head. And it's loose so you don't have to worry about the umbilical stump (such a lovely phrase).
  • It uses a woven instead of a knit--so much baby clothing uses knit fabric and I hate hate hate sewing knits with all my being.
The only problem I had with this pattern is the puckering under the arms, which has been noted elsewhere on the internet.  I played around with ways to avoid this but each effort resulted in a problem worse than the pucker--like a little hole under the arm or a weird poky bulge in the armpit.  Not OK.  So I just made peace with the pucker.  Words to live by.

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