Monday, July 13, 2009

crayon wallet

The little pockets are for stickers and tiny bits of paper to draw on.

This was, I think, a decent idea which I executed badly by not using interfacing.  That is a recurring theme on this blog, ruining things by not using interfacing.  I used cotton batting in between the layers but it's still a bit too floppy and not sturdy enough.  I initially had sewn on little handles, but this made it too purse-like and only exacerbated the floppiness situation.  Anyway, floppy or not it's coming on the plane with us when we visit my parents in New Jersey this week.

This is a more typical marker roll, which happily does not require interfacing of any kind.

Note how the markers don't comprise a complete set.  Wonder how that happened.  These marker/crayon/pencil rolls are quickly becoming my standard present for youngsters.

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Tammie said...

you do seem to have interfacing issues. i used to, but have since gotten over them, thanks to my husband. about two months ago i asked him to go to joanns and pick me up some interfacing. then about two weeks later i asked him to go again. his response was, "can i just buy 10 yards of this stuff so i never have to go back again?" so yeah, now im looking for reasons to use interfacing.

where did you get the blue ticking stripe fabric on the crayon roll? i really like it.

around here we have a problem holding on to a full set of crayons---our black ones seem to disappear quickly. then i buy more crayons and repeat the process. so we have about 6000 crayons and no black ones.

been meaning to tell you: the whole jacksonville/Whole Foods trip i recently took was brought on initially by a blog post you did a few months ago where you mentioned picking something up there. i looked at jay and was like "Did you know there was a Whole Foods in Jacksonville?" and ever since then we've been trying to get the time to make the trip. i spent close to $40 on cheese alone. its so good though. totally worth it.