Thursday, July 23, 2009

more dresses (imagine that)

One jumper made from red corduroy and another made of the same mystery fabric I used earlier this year to make myself a skirt.

Pockets can be excellent opportunities to use bias tape.

Amazing how linty everything appears after I've uploaded the pictures.

All the dresses I've posted so far have been--I hope--sized for a 0-3 month old.  We'll see.  They really look a bit big to me.  One of the pitfalls of making stuff in advance of the babies' arrival is that I do not have a model.  The next batch will be sized 3-6 months and will be more summery, which means that all the random quilting cottons and floral prints in my stash are going to be put to a good use, finally.

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Anonymous said...

She is going to be a well dressed baby! I love the simple little dresses. So pretty and yet so practical for diaper changes. :-)