Saturday, July 11, 2009

smocky looking dress

..featuring linen bias tape.  It's my pattern, based on some patterns I own.

Even with a sweater, it's probably a bit summery for a fall/winter baby but I wanted to try out the concept of linen bias tape before committing to in on a grander scale.  I also wanted to try out bias tape binding for the arm & neck holes.  I've really struck out in the past with using bias tape facing or binding on neck holes--it seems to roll in too much.  I realized that the trick is DO NOT PULL THE BIAS TAPE WHILE SEWING IT ON.  For me, this means I sometimes need to pin it in place so I don't accidentally tug it while sewing.

After I finished it I realized that I had made a house coat for a three month old baby.  Or perhaps a house dress?  If you don't know what I mean it's because you did not have aunts or grandmothers who wore these things around the house.  Now I'm wondering how widespread these things were.


Tammie said...

this is adorable karen.

it does have a bit of a housecoat vibe, but since the wearer is going to be so young, i think she'll be able to pull it off.

Anonymous said...

Aw, the little girl projects are adorable. I'm convinced I'll never have a girl, so I live vicariously through others. And this one may be a bit housecoat-y, but eh, babies can get away with anything. :-)

Kira said...

If you added some worn out blue terry slippers she would look just like my grandma too.