Tuesday, July 28, 2009

notes from a dirty lay about

Okay, the list of things I'm too tired to do apparently now includes taking out my damn camera.  I have a pile of projects that I recently completed in a frenzy of obsessive baby-related crafting.  All I need to do is take some stinking pictures.  It does not help that we're averaging about three minutes a day of sunlight in my living room due to rain storms.

For the record, here are other items on my list of things I'm too tired to do:
  • brush my hair
  • pick magazine subscription cards off the floor
  • answer the door bell
Actually, I don't even have the energy to finish the list.  Pretty much all I can do is knit and eat.  And complain.  Let's not forget the complaining.  Making babies is hard work, damn it.


Tammie said...

ha ha ha

seriously, i HATE picking magazine subscription cards off the floor. whenever one drops i silently curse. when im carrying a magazine i purposely fold it in a cylindrical shape so that nothing falls out and im forced to do the dreaded pick up.
ive tried just leaving them for other family members to pick up, but they never do.

also, i like eating and complaining and i hate answering the door. maybe im pregnant with twins too.

Kira said...

Ravi thinks that the subscription cards are his part of the magazine, so that solves that.